As it always is with our playthings, it beings with a misdeed. Drugs are illegal, simply against the rules and rules must be obeyed lest we all turn into savages. To that end I employ savages, to enforce the rules. So come to us Andi, School is in session

Andi had bought the stuff a hundred times before so that was not why he was nervous. He usually picked it up from the dealers home but today he had met him in an alley away from prying eyes. He remembered little despite the fear that he was going to get stabbed or shot however he now stood wit a pocket full of weed and an earful of 2pac. ‘Me Against the World’ had just been released and even though 2pac was in jail it was number 1 in the charts, in America anyway.

Then as if summoned by thoughts of jail a siren sounded. On instinct he bolted. The red and blue lights shone on him menacingly as he retrated inside the nearest building. He ducked into a nearby room and waited for the lights to disappear and to his releif they did. He took a moment to look around. He was in what looked like a classroom. There was a letter on the desk at the front and it said ‘Dominican College Portstewart.’ It was a creepy old building esspecially in the dark, his imagination made monsters of inanimate objects.
Although he wasn’t religious he found himself staring at the crucifix hanging over the blackboard. He found himself drawn to it, compelled to approach. The school was in dead silence. Drip. A single drop echoed, breaking through the queit. Andi walked closer. Something was not right about this. The crucifix didn’t look right. Drip. Something was sticking out of it. Drip. The drops were getting louder as he approached. He could begin to see it now. Thhere was a spear stuck through Jesus’ chest. Drip. Something was dripping from the spear. Andi didn’t hang around to find out what it was. He ran to the entrance and found it locked. That wasn’t possible. It was open literally a minute ago. He pulled it harder and rattled loudly. It wouldn’t budge. His mind began to race. How was it locked? Who did it? Why?

He felt something against his leg. Then he heard a ring. It was only his phone. He answered grateful to hear a friendly voice.
‘Thank God, you phoned.’ He said desperately.
You shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain. It is against the rules.’ An unfamilar voice answered. It sounded dignified but there was an unmistakable and somehow undefinable threat.
‘Who is this?’ Andi asked fearfully.
I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. I am dying to meet you, though I suggest you hurry. Those others don’t take kindly to trespassers.’ The voice said hanging up. Andi was filled with dread. There was a tap. Sounded like a shoe hitting the floor. IN the distance the moon shone and illuminated the end of the corridor. This was where the sound had come from. A skeletal hand grasped the corner. No it was thinner than bone somehow. Then a head appeared. It was covered, a long hood drooped over its face to obscure its features. Its torso was thinner than Andi’s arm. This thing was not human. This thing should not be alive. It extended its arm and pointed an unnaturally long finger at Andi.
He wanted to run. There was only classrooms on either side of him. The door behind him was locked. The only way out was toward the creature. He was terrified but he dashed as fast as he could. The creature matched him. Its movements erratic and unpredictable. It was fast. Faster than him. He wasn’t going to make it. He just managed to reach the corner first. There was a burning pain in his back as it clawed at him. He pushed on to a set of double doors in front of him. He felt his shirt get tighter as it tried to claw him again, catching the fabric. At last he reached the doors and barged through. The creature fell back as the doors slammed shut and somehow locked with a satisfying click. Andi Breathed easier.

This room. This room was not right. The walls were a deep red and they writhed and squirmed as if living. The whole room was empty except a table with two chairs and a man sat behind it watching Andi intently. The man was entirely hairless, his skin almost translucent. His eyes an unnaturally deep blue.
‘Did you phone?’ Andi asked suspiciously.
‘That was my master.’ The man said, fixing his tie. ‘Have a seat.’ Andi did so.
‘What is this place?’ Andi asked, beginning to panic.
‘Empty your pockets.’The man ordered. This man, something about him rang alarm bells. Andi stood.
‘No fuck this, I’m leaving.’ He announced as he turned to leave. He was then face to face with the hooded creature. He could see it now. Its skin was as grey as a decaying corpse, no eyes, only an unnaturally large and gaping maw. It raised its fingers and saw they were as sharp as razors. It skewered him. It pinned his shoulder blade to the table. He cried out in pain/ The man looked as expressionless as ever.
‘You should follow rules. It will make things less painful.’ He said, rummaging through Andi’s pockets. The man discarded everything except a wallet and keys. ‘This is all you need.’ He said leaving. The creature withdrew its claw in one agonizing movement. Andi’s eyes screwed up in pain and he put his hand to the wound with a gasp. He opened them a moment later and the man and the creature were gone. The door was gone. All that existed now was what lay on the table. He checked his shoulder and saw a hole in it from the creatures claw. There was no blood. No blood anywhere. He stood confused and lifted his wallet in hopes of finding some sort of answer. There was nothing in it. No cards, no money. As he looked closer he noticed a small piece of paper folder inside. He took it out and opened it up.

It was a picture of his corpse.

He was laying on his back staring at the camera. There was a knife wound in his gut. It was in that dark alley, but that wasn’t possible. Was it? When he pulled his eyes away from the mind-bending sight he saw that two new identical doors had appeared. He looked at his keys and saw a key that had never been there before. It was a large Victorian style key made of copper.
He moved to the door ans inserted the key because what else could he do? He closed his eyes in anticipation as the key turned in the lock.
‘God forgive me’ He whispered. The door pushed open to a blinding light.
Ah Mister Stevenson, it is a pleasure. We have all been waiting for you. Come in don’t be afraid. I just want to talk.’ A gentleman voice said, clearly the same as the one from the phone call. Andi walked inside and the door began to creak closed. ‘You can call me Mister Lightbringer.’ The gentleman said as the door finally shut.

PS Questions by Andrew Stevenson

Time Period: Late 1990

Objects: Phone, Wallet, keys
Location: Portstewart


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